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My Familiar is a five-piece, dark folk-rock band from Philadelphia. The band is comprised of Damien James (vocals/guitar), Lydia Joy (vocals), Luke Benedict (drums), Alyssa Almeida (cello), and Brian Clarke (bass).


 After a few different revisions, we began performing as a group under the name My Familiar in November of 2018 with a style characterized by compelling melodies, dynamic energy, attention to detail, and a tendency toward a darker feel. Though My Familiar does not currently have any recorded material, Damien James’ solo EP ‘Paper-Cut World’ is available now. My Familiar plans to release their first album, ‘Demons’, by the end of 2019.


This project will be a concept album made up of of eight songs, each representing one of the seven deadly sins with the addition of a prelude. Though unrecorded, every song from ‘Demons’ is performed regularly at My Familiar shows. It has been very fulfilling to grow together as a group and develop these songs from concept to full arrangements and encouraging to receive continued positive crowd response with a couple of notable recognitions. Early on while the band was still in formation, Damien James along with Lydia Joy and Luke Benedict were invited at Triforce Pro Audio in Lancaster, PA as part of their from the Audio Vault recorded concert series. We also enjoyed the opportunity to be interviewed as a full band for the Original Slacker Podcast presented by Round Guys Brewing Company.

A huge thank you to our friends, family, and fans who continue to support our creative and musical endeavors! There are a lot of good things planned for the future that we can’t wait to share with you but in the meantime, we would love to meet you at a future show. Check out our calendar for all of our upcoming dates!



Familiar (n) - A spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person.


Each member of the band has their own familiar. The familiars were not assigned but chosen by each person to best fit their own personality. The only the constraints were that the animal must fit the traditional guidelines for witch familiars. That is, they must be small and common enough to be able to move about society discreetly so as not to raise suspicion.

Credit to Billy Gartrell for all of the familiar artwork.


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